Texas Bklvr

Friday, July 17, 2009


Tried out LibraryThing today. I set up an account and started my catalog, added titles, tags and reviews. Looked at Librarians Who LibraryThing and Thingology; they were interesting. I checked out other reviews on some of the titles I entered and noted that there are numerous cloud indexes to browse. I could not find ThingLang, ISBN Check or MARCThing although I looked everywhere for them. I can see how people would enjoy the social aspect of talking about books, sharing book reviews and getting recommendations from others. I would likely use LibraryThing mostly to get ideas for my next book to read or to provide Reader's Advisory assistance.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Next DIGG Thing

DIGGed it, dug it. Well, sort of. I dug around the site and admit that it's interesting to see what appeals to other people. I found some news/information that I probably wouldn't have otherwise seen. If I was retired I could spend more time enriching my brain with all sorts of tidbits by frequently DIGGing, but I don't know of a way this will benefit my library. I guess I didn't dig it that much.

Delightful Delicious

Today I experimented with Delicious and found it to be delightful! I had been meaning to try it way before now, but other things kept jumping in line before it. Anyway, I imported all my current bookmarks and started tagging them, then I added a few more bookmarks. This will be great when I'm at another computer and want to access my favorite websites more quickly. I will definitely use this Thing and promote it to other staff as well.