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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wahka, wahka, wiki

Even though I've used Wikipedia often, it was very interesting to search for documentation re: the quality of the information being offered there. It's not listed on the particular page I searched but 'About Wikipedia' does clarify that users need to be aware that incorrect information can be posted and they should validate what they find.

I also found the discussion and history portions of interest. The discussion section was rather light; not much going on there about the topic I searched. From what I could tell of history, a lot of changes had been made over time to the page I searched. I did enjoy seeing who is involved in the creation of the page; you could click on the person's name and go to a page that offered their qualifications. Very nice.

I had some success adding pages to the wiki that was created for us, but I found it difficult to use. The edit bar kept moving down below my screen and I couldn't get it back. When I tried to load photos I had no luck. Maybe with more time spent on it I could figure it out. Just trying to finish 23 Things at this point!


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